Don't sit around waiting for scouts to come to you... get out there, hustle and get her multiple offers!

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you've probably heard some of these things before:

  • If your daughter's good enough to play college, scouts will come knocking on your door constantly
  • You haven't heard from any colleges yet, because your daughter isn't good enough
  • Only the top ranked girls get picked up to play college ball
  • You have to be incredibly fast to play college ball
  • Girls from your area just don't get picked up by college scouts
  • If you haven't heard from a college by now, no one's interested
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What if I told you that NONE of that is true?

That just because you haven't heard from any schools yet, doesn't mean your daughter doesn't have a chance of playing college ball.

And even if she HAS heard from a school or two, her options are limitless. Don't take the first offer she gets (unless it's her dream school of course), let her pick from a pool of schools willing to pay for her eduction in order to play for their team. 

Scouting is a rigorous process and not all colleges are always able to check out the girl in Utah, or the girl in Washington, or the girl in Kansas.  

It's nearly impossible for scouts and coaches to hear about ALL the girls good enough to play for them.

That's why it's SO important to know the EXACT steps to take for coaches and scouts all over the country, to hear about your daughter.

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Ready to start taking some action?

Sweet, let's not waste ANY time here mmmkay? This Free email course is a mini course of  Let's Get Signed. 

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I started playing softball when I was just 4 years old, so to say softball was my life... would be an understatement. 

Once my parents had the money to allow me to play summer ball, I made my first accelerated team when I was 14 years old. We played all over the country and I stayed with the same group of girls for the next 3 years. 

In high school I started varsity as a freshman. Throughout my entire four years, I started every single varsity game. Making All-Region my sophomore, junior and senior years and All-State my senior year. 

I remember being nervous that I wasn't good enough to play college ball... would anyone even want me, would I get any offers?

After high school I did move on to play for college, and finished my two years up playing for SLCC where I made All-Region. I then moved on to play at Dixie State where I graduated with my Business degree.

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college softball mini course


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