Want to learn how to get noticed by college coaches, get multiple offers and get signed to play college ball?


Let me show you how! 



Here's the thing, too many student-athletes are missing out on the opportunity to play college ball. Mostly because they don't know what they're doing. I don't know how many times I've heard from girls that they didn't get signed because they "didn't get any offers from college coaches". My question is always, "well, how many schools did you reach out to?"... the answer is always 'none'.

Are you...



At least in 9th grade and dream of playing college ball?

Unsure of when you should start reaching out to coaches?

Nervous to reach out because you don't know what to say and/or what info to send?

Unsure of where to even start?

Worried that it might be too late because you're a Senior this year and still haven't been picked up by a team?

Afraid you won't know how to stand out from other players?

Unsure of what schools to even reach out to?


if you said yes to any of these... You're in the right place!


Whether you're a girl who's dying to play college ball... or a parent who wants to do everything they can to get their girl signed, this workshop is for YOU!


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Hey! I'm Lindsay.

I've loved softball since I was 4 years old. I played college softball at SLCC & Dixie State University, where I earned my Business Degree (on full-ride scholarship). I now take pride that I've helped MANY student-athletes achieve their dreams too by getting signed and playing at the collegiate level. And I really want YOU to be my next success story.



This workshop will cover...

  • What college coaches are looking for and what to include in your emails.
  • What a player profile is, why you need one and how to create one that stands out.
  • Free player profile templates you can steal (that make you look good) and save a TON of time!
  • When you should start reaching out to coaches and what to say.
  • Sample letters (you can steal) that get you a reply.
  • When you should follow up, how often you should follow up and exactly what to say.
  • What a highlight video is, why you need one and how to create one.
  • Exactly what coaches are looking for in your highlight video. (this is info I've received FROM college coaches themselves) 
  • How to figure out what schools you should be contacting.
  • How to make sure YOU stand out from the never ending list of athletes coaches have on their radar.


Most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to earn a college education on partial or full-ride scholarship. Graduating with little to NO debt. Saving you (and your parents) a FORTUNE!!!




Space is limited so I'm only opening it up to 25 student-athletes (first come first serve). I've received TONS of inquiries about this workshop so I expect it to sell out fast! 


I ask that each player is accompanied by (1) parent and (1) laptop... this is a hands-on workshop. If you aren't able to bring a laptop that's OKAY, you can still attend. An email will be sent to you after the workshop is over, with detailed instructions, so you can finish the work at home :)


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Softball isn't just a game... it's a way of life. Learning the fundamentals of playing a team sport goes beyond the field. The skills you learn on the field: discipline, respect, team-work, confidence, hard work and structure... is crucial to earning a college degree. Not only are you earning an education, but you're getting your education paid for while doing the thing you love most. Really, what more could you ask for?